Hypno, what's with your line and children? There's that one Hypno who lured children into the forest, there's a Drowzee who fooled a little Azurill and Marill to go with him to a mountain...

I could inquire about the overall integrity of the human race as well, Anonymous. 

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This is legit and I really need whatever help you can offer. I have been filling out paperwork for AFS, I wrote and sent my essay, uploaded the necessary photos, renewed my passport, and I have an in-home interview tomorrow. 

With luck, I will be accepted into the program and they’ll find a family for me to stay with in Norway. However, they highly recommend that I raise money. They pay for the plane ticket there, and the family supports me, but I still need to pay for the plane ticket to New York and any extra spending money I may need.

It’s definitely not an emergency, any donations would be out of your extreme generosity if you have any spare change. However, I AM offering art (my top-notch work, anything at all; my best effort) for those that donate over 60 dollars. If that’s way too steep, 40 dollars will get you a regular commission, still very nice! I promise! 

I’ve been very busy with the end of the semester in school, preparing for college, and yes, this Norway thing. I’ve also been steadily sinking lower and lower into depression, but that’s not the point of this. I apologize for being so absent.

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I haven't dreamed recently. Is that normal?

Most everybody dreams, you likely don’t remember them. 

carminechimera replied to your post: You having 2 ask accounts, I’m sure you’ve encountered the rottens of anons the internet has to offer.. How do you go about tackling the shit out of them? D:,

Aw, don’t do that. Escaping like that doesn’t really help, believe me. Have you thought about doing something for yourself to make you feel better? Maybe do some pokeathon rounds or maybe try baking?

It was a joke. I mostly ignore hateful anons. They don’t deserve my attention.

I can't remember my dreams, usually I can only remember dreams every 2 weeks or so what should I do to remember dreams better?

Keep a strict dream journal. Every time you DO remember dreaming, write it down. If you find you’re too groggy to write it down, say it out loud to yourself until you can. Repetition of the events in your dreams will cement them in your memory— and if you’ve written them down, you can always go back and read them.

please explain lucid dreaming! I know that it's when you know you're dreaming and you control it, but go in depth, how it occurs, ect.

A lucid dream is where one becomes aware they are in a dream and can manipulate the environment or do as they please within the dream. There isn’t much further explanation than that! A lot of people want this ability to control their dreams, so I’ll provide some tips for achieving that power.

Lucid dreaming really comes with practice. It doesn’t happen on it’s own, but you may start to think about it once you have a dream where you realize you’re dreaming. This is the first step to gaining control over your dreams. Practice during the day, when you’re awake. Ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” and perform reality checks. Of course, when you’re awake, it’s obvious, but getting into the habit of doing this will stimulate your brain into doing it while you dream. 

Keep a dream journal. Preferably right by your bedside. Remember to record all the details of the dream (s) you had as accurately as you are able. Doing this frequently will help you to see your dreams more clearly, and it can be fun to look back and read your old dreams!

Pick an appropriate time to lucid dream. Studies show that taking a nap a few hours after you wake up in the morning is the best time to lucid dream. Don’t attempt to dream at length in a place such as a classroom or the bus home. You won’t have the time and your dream will be interrupted.

If you want to practice it at night, not in the morning, set an alarm clock for 4-5 hours after you go to sleep. Once you wake up, concentrate on lucidity and awareness for a full hour. This takes patience and determination. After the hour passes, allow yourself to sleep, maintaining that aware state of mind. With time and practice, this method will help you to achieve lucid dreaming!

Best of luck. Hope this helped.

You having 2 ask accounts, I'm sure you've encountered the rottens of anons the internet has to offer.. How do you go about tackling the shit out of them? D:,

I use self-hypnosis to forget about the pain.

Last night I dreamt that my dog had scratched a deep wound on her belly. It was bloodless, but went untreated for so long that flies had laid eggs in it and it was crawling with maggots. It seemed to itch terribly, as she would keep trying to scratch it, but we couldn't let her because it was stitched together and needed ointment. Throughout it all there was an overwhelming feeling of shame and self-loathing. I felt like I had failed someone who depended on and trusted me. I felt the worst.

"I felt like I had failed someone who depended on and trusted me."

Seems like you answered this one on your own! 

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And now to figure out how to reattach it…

Once reunited with where it belonged, it stuck on good as it was before!

Keh, sorry for being gone so long! The absence of my nose was just really getting to me, I desperately needed to find it. Now that my nose is back, and my face is normal, and my mane is (in the process of being) combed, I can get back on track.

Keh, sorry for being gone so long! The absence of my nose was just really getting to me, I desperately needed to find it. Now that my nose is back, and my face is normal, and my mane is (in the process of being) combed, I can get back on track.



My favorite dream is beating those helpless losers at the Elite Four. I’m in the hall of fame and humans are all cheering for my greatness! I don’t see why this isn’t reality yet, those little babies won’t stand a chance against me!

Sorry ‘bout your face. It’ll grow back.

Graaaahhh!! At least I’ll get my nose back soon…


Several of you have asked me questions about the practice of Dream Eating. I hope this clarifies it a bit.

  • FIGURE 1: Let’s say, hypothetically, this is in a controlled environment like when my Pop does business with trainers. This Pikachu is suffering from chronic insomnia and needs to regulate his sleep schedule and get some rest. Hypno are famous for carrying a round pendant* used for hypnotizing. We swing this pendant and use a slow, rhythmic chant to lull the patient into Stage 4 sleep. 
  • FIGURE 2: Dream eating is a psychic ability similar to the elemental powers that many Pokemon posses. Hypno use telepathy to probe a patient’s sleeping mind and locate an active dream. Once we find the location of the dream, extracting it is like pulling a very delicate thread. It needs to be done gently and slowly, or the dream can fall apart and disrupt the patient’s sleep. 
  • FIGURE 3: The extracted dream is invisible to the naked eye, but they have a distinct appearance to those with psychic abilities. A pleasant dream (shown) is a warm pink with hints of purple. The weight is feather-light, and the texture is silky. The flavor varies from subject to subject, but is typically described as a mellow sweetness. The dream is “eaten” by inhaling it through the nose and mouth simultaneously and holding it inside the body. 
    1. The dream-matter that is inhaled through the nose and fills the sinuses, dispersing through the membrane into the blood stream. Following this absorption is the experience of the dream itself. The eater then views the dream as it was in the patient’s mind. Experienced dream eaters can lucidly explore the dream.
    2. The dream-matter within the lungs is also absorbed into the body and produces a drug-like sensation depending on the kind of dream. Pleasant dreams, as expected, yield glee and pleasure. Unpleasant dreams can result in sickness, discomfort, and fright.

*Pendants are fabricated, found, or passed down in families of Hypno. Urban Hypno have been found with bottle caps, coins, and other small pieces of lost human products, while forest Hypno have hand-carved pendants made of rock. The string is actually a small braid of hair from our neck ruffs.